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20 Oct

girl on beach photo: Sunshine sunshine.jpg

Naked, dressed in glowing skin
and glorious like her soul within,
Maria with the turned up nose,
Maria minus all her clothes…

singing, with an angel’s voice,
notes of hope, her spirit’s choice,
and standing with her legs apart,
love pounding in her beating heart…

and no-one watching, no eyes to dwell
on how her bosom rose and fell,
and how unseen and sadly crept,
her tears as Maria softly wept….

The wind sighed and couldn’t reach
dear Maria waiting on the beach,
or stop the fading of the day
as the sun so slowly slipped away…

© Peter Rogerson 20.10.2015



19 Oct

wind blown skirt photo: An angel Blown by the wind Image052.jpg
The wind caught her, tore her cotton skirt,
dragged her stumbling, flailing arms,
tangled hair until it almost hurt,
yet she was laughing at the rampant ease
of every breath in every breeze…

and off to wonderland she blew,
where ice-cream warriors tumbled by
and lollipop children turned askew
with faces flushed and eyes so bright
her heart leaped at the very sight…

let the waves crash onto golden sands
let the sun blaze from an azure sky,
and brilliance rest on all the lands
let the teasing wind lift high that skirt
and billow out the schoolboy shirt…

it shrieks nature in the blasted raw,
nature crashing on the shore,
blood-red scion, tooth and claw,
blow it wildly, blow it more…

© Peter Rogerson 19.10.15


14 Oct

frosts photo: autumn is definitely over 2007_0622lithgowfrost0056.jpgSpirit Dizzy, cold moonlight,
Dancing jigging, stars so bright,
Heads held high and by and by
Autumn’s scribble at it’s height….

Spirit Dizzy, wild and free
Glistening gemstones, sparkling tree,
Robin’s beak and hide and seek
Flash frozen feathers out to me…

And Spirit Dizzy in the day
When scarves and hats come out to play
And boys and girls with autumn curls
By crystal streams and screaming stray….

© Peter Rogerson 14.10.15


13 Oct

autumn photo: Autumn Autumn.jpgHe felt a murmur in the breeze,
a rattle in the eves,
a moment’s sigh, a moment’s ease,
a stirring in the leaves…

the summer lurched and slipped away,
cold winter crooked his hand,
a mist lay softly on the day,
stretched over sea and land…

he smiled and nodded there and then,
his task was almost done,
one final time he took his pen,
and scribbled out the sun….

© Peter Rogerson 13.10.15


16 Jul


 Dorothy and a roll of Refreshers photo IMG_1774_zpscuqmfx9x.jpg

I fell through the hole in the Universe and landed, here, where I lie
Frightened the devil might spot me or his alter-ego cry,
And the nightfall around me is darkening and my visions grow dreaming and dim
Will I fly through a rainbow tomorrow, or even learn to swim?

Then I open my eyes in a moment, the sun is climbing high
And the river of hope flows sweetly across a light blue sky,
She breathes like an angel is breathing, and with each breath she dreams
That I’ll hold her closely to me, touched by some solar beams…

And suddenly she wakens and smiles like no other perfection smiled
And I take her hand in mine, my heart thrashing and hopeful and wild
For a know in that very instant the sense of perfect bliss
As our lips brush together a moment in the veriest perfect kiss…

© Peter Rogerson 16.07.15


19 Jan


girl in field photo: Angel in a Field DSCF1959.jpg

From these shadows around me,
From the haze of old age,
I get memories of wonder
On life’s fading stage….

Of the willows like sentries
And the fields with their corn,
Golden like summer,
With the scarecrow forlorn…

And me and my lassie
My heart filled with joy,
She my young sweetheart
And me her big boy

And we’d go to a secret,
A corner we knew,
With the silence around us
And the sky that pale blue,

Then we’d snuggle together,
It was just perfect bliss –
And the heart-thrilling moment
Of our first proper kiss…

But the shadows around me
In this cruel old age
Close my eyes for a moment,
Then turn over the page….

And the moments have gone
Since the magical years
To the cold and the darkness
And the promise of tears…

© Peter Rogerson 19.01.15