On the Brink

24 Nov

Despite the worst efforts of the Murdoch news empire to suggest the opposite (via the Sun in the UK) I believe it is true that the vast majority of Muslims are as peace-loving as I am, which is very peace-loving. So, incidentally, are most Christians, Jews and adherents of other monotheistic religions.

But there are minorities. And at the moment it looks as though our governments are playing the minority’s games and walking us all, step by step and horror by horror, towards a major war.

Didn’t anyone learn anything from the disaster that was Iraq? Bombing other countries doesn’t make friends. It makes the most bitter of enemies and stirs the poison pus of resentment for decades, the sort that in a mean and cruel way will emerge in the future and create yet more conflicts – if there is to be any sort of future, that is.

War destroys futures, scars the present and eventually, when it is the past and over and done with, gets misrepresented by the victors.

As a species we ought to consider growing up. It isn’t Muslims or the members of any faith that are causing the trouble at the moment but a large and brutal handful of self-serving thugs who are hiding behind a cloud of religious confusion to justify their psychopathic insanities. And that’s how we should see them. They’re not a nation, have no real claim to so much as a sod of Mother Earth but are merely thugs hiding behind long-dead prophets.

Here’s an idea.

Take away the faith – and I mean exterminate all religious faiths that have a deity to pretend to defend – (none of them have any basis in reality anyway) and you take away the cloud the thugs hide behind. You demolish their assumed raison d’être.

It might seem simple, and I suppose it is, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it? Before it’s too late? Before the bombs fall on us?


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