Thoughts on Terrorism

14 Nov

terrorist photo: Achmed the Dead Terrorist achmed.jpg
It’s damned hard to shake off the mental moulding we were subjected to as children and many of us never do. Ask a committed Christian to cast off his faith and nine times out of ten you’re on to a loser. He won’t because he can’t. That weird mixture of belief that there’s got to be more than the flexible three score years and ten we all have combined with ancient stories that have gained a special credibility for no better reason than because they are ancient gets in the way.

He has his Christ because it fills a vacuum in his world, a vacuum that might be filled by reality, but isn’t.

And it’s the same with the Muslim. He was put under similar influences as he emerged from the nest of pre-pubescence and he has his carefully crafted beliefs. Tell him that they’re irrational and he’ll scorn you.

In fact, tell your average nice man next door, be he Christian or Muslim or Jew, that he’s part of a majority in whose midst a tiny minority can hide and he’ll probably sneer at you. Yet that’s what he is.

It’s not just Muslims who have discovered the power of terror. Christians have been good at it, too, and Jews. It’s in the history books and even in the religious texts themselves.

No. To get rid of religious-inspired terrorism the rest of us have got to go to the source of it all. We must get rid of religion itself, and not just for ourselves but for everyone. And by “get rid of” I mean by rational argument and education, not the threat of bullets and bombs.

There’ll probably still be thugs who like imposing terror, of course. Psychopaths who know they’re right even when they’re wrong. But they’ll be easier to deal with when they haven’t got a majority to hide in.

Peter Rogerson 14.11.15


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