29 Oct

I reckon that there’s got to be a darned sight too much of the old-fashioned “I doff my ‘at t’yer, Master Bigman” about these days.

It seems that too much respect is being shown to the Eton and Oxford boys ruling our country than they deserve or have earned, and too much obsequious toadying done to their old school ties. And all this by men and women who ought to know better.

These paragons of all worthlessness, the millionaires waving their cruel wands at the rest of us, might have been educated expensively, but we are not what our education makes us: we are what we are. We are born with capabilities and gifts, and those qualities are not shoehorned into us by any school anywhere but are innate. All the school can do is provide us with the “right” tie so that the toadying can take place.

Wealth is not cackled into existence by a posh accent or dreamed up by a schoolboy engagement in porcine copulation but by the genuine hard labour of a workforce that consists of skills and power. That forges steel out of iron. That actually creates much more than crooked columns in fanciful ledgers. And the tragedy is too many representatives of that workforce are quite happy to forget who they are and do a bit of quite unnecessary cap-doffing because they who they are doffing at appear to be in some archaic way superior.
It wouldn’t be so bad if the posh boys were right, but quite often they’re wrong.

I’ve news for the doffers. The toadied-at are not superior in any way save the almost automatic habit they have of assuming superiority. And that is fed by the cap-doffing from those they perceive are way below them. I think that the late and unlamented Thatcher woman said it best when she declared that there’s no such thing as society. To her and her ilk there isn’t, just old school ties and an inbuilt need to take command irrespective of ability. And she never went to Eton!


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