19 Oct

wind blown skirt photo: An angel Blown by the wind Image052.jpg
The wind caught her, tore her cotton skirt,
dragged her stumbling, flailing arms,
tangled hair until it almost hurt,
yet she was laughing at the rampant ease
of every breath in every breeze…

and off to wonderland she blew,
where ice-cream warriors tumbled by
and lollipop children turned askew
with faces flushed and eyes so bright
her heart leaped at the very sight…

let the waves crash onto golden sands
let the sun blaze from an azure sky,
and brilliance rest on all the lands
let the teasing wind lift high that skirt
and billow out the schoolboy shirt…

it shrieks nature in the blasted raw,
nature crashing on the shore,
blood-red scion, tooth and claw,
blow it wildly, blow it more…

© Peter Rogerson 19.10.15


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