12 Oct

There appears to be more than one breed of human beings and this piece is about a minority group.

I call it the Tony Blair Sub-species (with the accent on “sub”)

There are those who assume control via the gift of power and who make up their own laws as they go along. Like Tony Blair did when he downloaded a student’s thesis and published it as a dossier proving that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had, at his command, a hoard of weapons of mass destruction. Then this same Tony Blair used that academic thesis it to prove to the American President, a man not noted for his mental agility, that Iraq needed to be invaded, that there should be a war.

There was, and people died. Lots of people. Innocent people. People with no power to change things.

But the Tony Blair legal system, based on lies, exonerated him. He was free to pursue a career involving the Middle East once the war was over and he left the UK Government, and although the odd thinking person has questioned what he did nobody has actually moved into the spotlight and demanded that he be made to answer the sort of questions that you or I would have to answer straight away if we did something as self-serving as invent evidence that causes a bloody war. Especially one against a virtually disarmed country.

All this would be quite well and good but for the fact that Tony Blair did it all in my name. In your name. In the name of everyone in our country. In the name of every Welsh person, Scot, Ulster resident and English man or woman. He did it for us. He was defending us against the horrors of a man who had no weapons.

And the dead? The widows and orphans? The maimed and mutilated? Have they no rights? Don’t they need an answer to the questions of why they are as they are? I just hope that the thesis their misery was based on was a good piece of academic work and worth all the pain.

But I’ll bet it wasn’t.

No thesis is that good.

So why isn’t he answering important questions before he dies? History, of course, will either praise him or condemn him, but that will be according to the way he is considered now, and right now he’s still getting away with it.

© Peter Rogerson 12.10.15


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