11 Oct

There are thousands upon thousands of newspapers sold in this country every day and most of them can be described as red-top tabloids., and you can tell by listening to their readers which one most of them buy.

There’s the Sun, clearly the most widely read paper. Sun readers are a large group who would mostly call themselves working class yet who , when pushed, occasionally find themselves voting for the capitalist’s party, the Tories. It’s no accident they tend to vote that way (not all of them by any means, nothing in the field of human behaviour is that cut-and-dried and certainly not as predictable). The owners of the Sun in this country and Fox news in America (the Murdoch clan) know it doesn’t matter as long as around one percent of their followers soak up the political crap they dole out day by day and do as they’re told and support the right wing of politics. You see, it’s the right wing that enables them to accumulate ever more influence and wealth. Only when the Labour party became briefly New Labour under the leadership of Tony Blair did Murdoch cast an eye in its direction. New Labour was just about Tory, and he was happy. He’ll be furious if Labour under its exciting new leader gets into power. He’s already sowing his seeds. They’re called poison.

Then there’s the Daily Mail. The columnists of this particular rag have a couple of targets in their sight, but the one that gets them most incensed is the BBC as premier broadcaster in the UK. Did you see some of the nonsense and cruel rhetoric in its pages when a Muslim woman won the Great British Bake-off? I didn’t watch the programme because I’m not into baking, but over thirteen million people did and they weren’t motivated by subversive racism but by a delight in the unique entertainment brought to them by somebody achieving success. But to sneer and say she only won because the lefties at the BBC wanted her to is to do a vast disservice to Mary Berry and her co-host Paul Hollywood, neither of whom gives the impression of being a lefty.

What about the Daily Express and its constant rants about immigration? I don’t know whether there are too many immigrants in the UK or not, or how many of the. eastern Europeans shopping in Aldi are illegal and ought to be sent packing to where they came from, but I do know that it isn’t the job of the press to invent statistics. There was one case when one of the papers (I think it was the Express, but stand corrected if I’m wrong) howled that so many thousand people had entered the UK and that our island would sink under the weight of them and failed to mention the even greater number who had returned home in the same period and that nett immigration was actually a minus figure.

Returning from holiday via Calais earlier this year we were sitting near a middle-aged couple who discussed the sad ranks of dispossessed in the vicinity of the docks there as if they were, to a man and woman, vicious criminals and badly in need of draconian punishment and deportation to “where they come from”, and when we finally arrived in the UK and they went to a service station and bought a paper I was proud to be able to predict it would be the Express. It was. They echoed its constantly-run message so exactly I couldn’t help wondering if they ever thought for themselves.

Recently someone who I had thought of as a friend tried to list my faults and one of the four he could enumerate (the list included my preference for wearing shorts rather than jeans, for which I make no apology) was I had no right to criticise the Sun when I don’t take a paper myself.


I can get all the news I need without pouring my pension into the pockets of some non-domiciled billionaire, thank you very much, and without having my grasp on reality warped, albeit ever so slightly, by his hacks! The BBC may have correspondents and reporters that tend to the political left but they do seem to be balanced by others that tend to the political right and anyway what’s wrong with lefties? I married one and since she’s one of the brightest and most compassionate people I’ve ever met I rather suspect she’s right.

Of course she is!

© Peter Rogerson 11.10.15


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