Instinctive Thoughts

6 Oct

david cameron photo: David Cameron icon 2 DavidCameronicon2.jpgThere’s one thing most people will agree with and that we all have an instinct for self-preservation. If a man with a gun points it at us we will tend to leap out of the way. It’s only natural. And, what’s more, we extend that instinct to cover the protection of our nearest and dearest. Of course we do.

I like to extend this natural instinct to cover other aspects of our lives, which is why I’m not at all surprised that the red-top newspapers are doing their damnedest to eat away at the good old BBC. After all, the BBC is better at what it does than the scumbags at Murdoch’s empire are and so its very existence is a threat to the growth of the already huge profits the Sun amongst other newspapers and media outlets makes. I can’t really blame Murdoch for responding to a base instinct, but I can blame the simple-minded who let him get away with it. If you, in any way, contribute to his Empire then you have become woven by his clever tactics into being a servant of his. The Sun might seem an innocent enough rag, but bit by bit and word by word it has installed itself into enough minds to sway the political see-saw during general elections. Not your mind, though, you say? Want to bet? Ask Murdoch. He knows.

Then there’s politics. Cameron, Osborne and the Eton boys behind them, they’re doing what comes naturally, and we can’t blame them for it. It’s instinct, pure and simple. They’re wealthy and want to stay that way. That’s why they lead the conservative party, in order to conserve enough of the national cake for themselves. It matters not a jot to them if they degrade things that are irrelevant to them – education, the NHS (don’t they all pay for private health care and Eton costs, doesn’t it?) Didn’t the late Thatcher woman distil the essence of their self-serving policies when she declared that there’s no such thing as society? Of course she did! There is no such thing as society if you discount all but your own little gang. Yet there are some who are not of their breed, some pretentious gits who actually believe that the self-serving, self-righteous, humanly inept politicians who line their pockets whilst emptying ours are worthy of their votes! Of course they do. The press saw to that, eating away at them, munching their minds until all there’s left is unthinking mush.

It’s in our human instinct. To keep what is ours whatever the cost. To fend off the bullet, and push aside the sword and it has been carefully manoeuvred so that we can’t see what’s in our own interests any more, only what’s in the service of the mighty status quo – and I don’t mean the pop group! Religious leaders over the centuries have used this very facet of our instincts, and in this modern age those ogres sitting on their piles of cash are also using it – against us.


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