15 Sep


Sun headline photo 11224319_738459432964920_5074944825521881933_n_zpstjnduecq.jpg  Over the years there has been a great deal written and said about the freedom of the press and taken as a concept I’m fully in support of it. The press MUST be free from Government constraints and report what’s going on in the world. It’s a vital constituent part of democracy. Knowledge.

But with this freedom comes responsibilities. Important responsibilities that are equally important when it comes to democracy. And chief amongst these is never to knowingly tell lies. Never to misrepresent the realities of the world so that when we come to make joint decisions in an election we make the right ones.

Enter Murdoch and the Sun. Again.

It’s in the interests of Rupert Murdoch to deny power to the left in politics because his own already deep pockets are made ever deeper by support from the right. His power is undiminished by Tory policies and he makes sure that the people of the UK are as misinformed as necessary for his own ends via his main organ, the Sun newspaper.

He bought the paper, when it was hardly successful and built it up by offering huge Bingo prizes and a page of almost naked young women (page Three) until it became the most popular newspaper in the UK. It was inevitable that a great number of people were going to be attracted to it, and as politically it initially supported the Labour party it seemed to be aiming at the right audience.

Enter Margaret Thatcher and an about-turn. Murdoch saw profit in her policies and the Sun used its jingoistic style in support of the Falklands war amongst other important policy decisions. It became an organ skilled at telling lies by telling half-truths. It has successfully manipulated the gullible until they believe every word it says and are ignorant of those it doesn’t say, so when it states on its headline that the new Labour party leader wants to get rid of the armed forces it is believed.

Every pacifist would like to see an end to war and armed disputes, not just Jeremy Corbyn, and a rational end-in-sight to obtaining a peaceful world would be the eventual disposal of arms and weaponry and those charged with wielding them. But not tomorrow, not until it’s safe.

The Sun doesn’t say that. Rupert Murdoch doesn’t want it to. Neither do the Masters of War. Neither do the arms manufacturers. Yet the money saved from a universal end to armed conflict would feed all the starving millions many times over. Could be invested into research into the very diseases that may kill us.

The Sun doesn’t want that.

© Peter Rogerson 15.09.15


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