16 Jul


 Dorothy and a roll of Refreshers photo IMG_1774_zpscuqmfx9x.jpg

I fell through the hole in the Universe and landed, here, where I lie
Frightened the devil might spot me or his alter-ego cry,
And the nightfall around me is darkening and my visions grow dreaming and dim
Will I fly through a rainbow tomorrow, or even learn to swim?

Then I open my eyes in a moment, the sun is climbing high
And the river of hope flows sweetly across a light blue sky,
She breathes like an angel is breathing, and with each breath she dreams
That I’ll hold her closely to me, touched by some solar beams…

And suddenly she wakens and smiles like no other perfection smiled
And I take her hand in mine, my heart thrashing and hopeful and wild
For a know in that very instant the sense of perfect bliss
As our lips brush together a moment in the veriest perfect kiss…

© Peter Rogerson 16.07.15



  1. Barbara H. Horter July 17, 2015 at 4:35 am #

    You are a dear, romantic soul and you are both so lucky in love…what a beautiful tribute to you both….how she makes you feel and the way you are able to express it…my two guys were romantic also…widowhood is not great but many,many good memories…

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