14 Jul


 spirits photo: Familiar Spirits familiarspirits_zpscbaf3d91.jpg

Last night we watched a recording of an old television programme, a light mystery based on spiritualism. Without going into the plot at all (it was pretty much nonsense) it made me wonder…

When you open one door, how many others are suddenly unlocked and start swinging open as well?

If one accepts that maybe there are a very few people who are sensitive to what is lavishly called “the spirit world” and can convey messages from the dead to the living then one has to accept the existence of those spirits. After all, we can’t have the one without the other!

And if one accepts that there are spirits its a logical step to realise there are ghosts, the shapes of people who have “passed over” and who still walk the pathways of life, probably waiting for something specific to happen, but who knows what? Ghosts and spirits are all part of the same mystery, the same collection of forces that a tiny number of people claim to have real contact with.

But if you accept their existence, albeit only evidenced by a few eccentric seers, then you have to go a step further.

If there are remnants of people in spirit form wandering about or existing on some plane somewhere between the vibrancy of living and the slow decomposition of death there must be one hell of a lot of them. The human population is in the billions and that means every year millions die. Yes, work it out: millions! Tens of millions, even.

That’s one massive army of dead people and if they’re all jostling around waiting to be contacted by a living being waiting to collect messages for grieving relatives who still haven’t “passed over” then they must have somewhere mighty huge to gather with space for tens of millions more every year, for ever and ever, amen. Unless, that is, by an alteration to physics they can all occupy exactly the same point in space, in which case that point must be horribly confusing.

Who knows for certain?

Actually, I don’t. But it puts a different perspective on ancestor worship. There are simply too many of them and after a couple of millennia you ancestors and my ancestors have a huge number of spirits in common. Work it out. We’re all virtually related to everyone else.

So we’ve accepted a chain of possibilities starting with a “spiritualist” and ended up with a chaotically overcrowded afterlife in which unless there’s some kind of division of types, we might bump into Hitler or Pol Pot, which might be unpleasant. Maybe we need to call the place for the good guys Heaven and Hitler’s HQ Hell. You see where I’m going?

If we accept the spirit world, in any shape or form, to exist then we’ve got to accept the whole lot, ranging from little grannies needing reassurance that Tiddles is still mewing and healthy to …

To the whole concoction that is Creation and Heaven and Hell and angels and pearly gates. Yes – the apparatus called organised religion in its entirety.

Even though it’s been organised by men for their own convenience and has nothing to do with spirits at all!

Open one door and far too many other doors start creaking, and slowly swinging on their rusty old hinges…

It’s what I like to call the doorway of credibility.

And it’s incredible!

© Peter Rogerson 14.07.15


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