6 Jun


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Love it or hate it, all of our futures are in some way bound up in the creaking minds of those who believe intrinsically in this or that god. Now, this isn’t going to be a rant against Christians or Muslims or Jews or any believers in deities – I’ve seen too many of those and they don’t work. No, this is meant to be an attempt at seeing where, in this foggy thing called life, we might be going.

Preachers, clerics, priests, popes and curates have power. Over centuries their ancestors have moulded particular societies into enraptured followers of this or that Word, be the Word true or, eventually, false. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just that it is. It doesn’t matter whether it’s provable and honest, just that it’s preached. The belief resides in the indoctrination from the past rather than the efficacy of today. Societies have been moulded to believe, so the preacher preaches and he is believed. He must be. It’s the way it works.

If you have been moulded, of course, you won’t believe a word of what I’m writing. Of course you won’t – you will have been warned against evil deniers of the truth and you see me as one of those. I’m blinded, you think, by bigotry, have had scales placed over my inner eyes by this or that devil. What I write is straight from the cerebellum of Satan.

And therein lies the wonder and the danger of it all. That’s the fog that has been spread a dozen different ways over life.

And there are fairly recent examples of that fog. Yellow in the air, like a London “particular” from the days of belching chimneys.

A cleric says that women shouldn’t drive cars or her babies will be malformed. Believe it because it’s your own cleric who said it. Laugh at it because it’s someone else’s cleric expounding his truth.

A preacher informs us that immodestly dressed young ladies lead men astray thus causing chaos and earthquakes and although the believer can’t quite see the connection between seismic activity and masturbation he believes every word of it. Not believing would be unthinkable, so he doesn’t think it.

Another bearded scholar suggests that DNA evidence should not be used in rape cases because the real blame lies with the victim rather than the rapist … how dared she let a man have sexual content with her? You say because he’s stronger …? But the deity is stronger than both…. To the believer this is the truth, to a stranger it is nonsense….

Where does history end and common sense begin? There were claims like those above made many times in history and because it’s been allowed, because permission has been granted by the grimy words of old texts, that history has ventured into common sense and resides with us today. How dared a woman incite a young man to abuse himself? Does she really want the world to collapse in on itself? After all, he might enjoy it more than he enjoys his god….

It’s out there that they believe such things today but here, where we are, history has become common sense and we see nonsense for what it is. But it wasn’t always so. Once they were convinced, in the land called History, of very similar, maybe even identical, things.

And “convinced” means to be absolutely certain, beyond all possible doubt.

History morphs, slowly into common sense. Belief in the oddball becomes a joke from that history.

Before learning to laugh at the joke, English monarchs struck the heads from some of their subjects because of it. They had to, because weren’t they their god’s mouthpiece on Earth and weren’t they always right?

Especially when they were wrong.

Remember, religious conviction is exactly that: conviction.

© Peter Rogerson 06.06.15



  1. georgiakevin June 6, 2015 at 9:43 pm #

    Yet again your post is spot on my friend.

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