30 Apr


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“You’re nowt but an old square!”

The words rang out offensively because I knew they were wrong. There’s nothing square about me! I’m the king of circular people, the emperor of the round.

“You’re just a Christian!” concluded the voice.

Now that one started to hurt until I thought about it.

What is a Christian? Is it someone who believes in the life and work and promises (as reported years after the event) of Christ, who probably never existed in any form except that of a hippie-hermit of the first century? Is it someone who reads the Bible (a truly evil book if ever there was one … I love my wife and I wouldn’t ever dream of treating her like some passages of the Old Testament suggest I should …) And on top of that I can see a wonderful amount of truth in the observations various highly intelligent people have made when they’ve peered into telescopes and find it absurdly easy dismissing that same Old Testament (and the new one, too) as a load of old supernatural tosh.

“No I’m not!” I protested.

Then I thought about it.

I started hearing voices. In my head! Not the insane sort that might tell a psychopath to plunge a knife into a virgin’s heart but the sort that emerge as memories sneak to the surface. You know what I mean … things like “she was a good Christian soul\” of my maiden aunt who died before she ought to have died and would do anything for anyone. Or “he’s the sort who gives Christian folk a good name” even though I knew he never went anywhere near a church and didn’t believe a word of the gobbledegook he might have heard inside one had he changed his ways and prayed…

He never prayed to Christ or Christ’s dad but he was the sort of bloke who gives Christian folk a good name…

A bit of a contradiction, that!

Then it struck me that the damned church has borrowed features that mankind ought to be most proud of – kindness, generosity, caring, helping and so on – and claimed them for itself! So if you do any of those things, they say, you’re a good Christian soul.

The implication is that only Christians can display the kind of benevolence and generosity of spirit that has nothing to do with the vicious range of punishments their good book has lined up for what they see as any kind of sexual transgression, like being gay or fancying the woman next door even though she’s married to old Fred, who doesn’t give a toss about her. And in that same book the precursor to Christianity, Judaism, had other little delights even for the innocent, like mutilating little boys’ willies in order to gain more control over their teenage moments alone when they might feel the urge to masturbate. (They say the reason for snipping away at the sensitive fore-skin is a matter of hygiene, but there is such a thing as soap and water). No, that book is all heart and misogyny – and totally concerned with control!

So what is it about calling the kind of people humanity should be proud to include in its midst “good Christian souls”?

I try to be a decent human being. I really do. That’s why I reckon the Old Testament is a truly evil work of misogynist men. And misogyny isn’t decent or worthy or any of the things mankind should aspire to. Men, rather than hate and mistreat women, should hope to become as good as them, as worthy as them.

So am I a Christian soul or not? They say my ideals are based on fundamental Christian values, but I despise that faith and the brake it has put on human progress in the past and still does in some backward societies – it’s why they’re backward, for goodness’ sake!

“You’re nowt but an old square!”

Okay. I’ll take that, then.

© Peter Rogerson 30.04.15


2 Responses to “ENCIRCLING SQUARES…”

  1. georgiakevin April 30, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    Man your post always makes your readers think………………………long after they read and read your post. You really are an outstanding writer. At the moment because of your post I am thinking about a topic that i really don’t want to think about,well done sir……………………well done indeed.

    • Peter Rogerson April 30, 2015 at 5:25 pm #

      Don’t make thinking too uncomfortable, Kevin!!! Thanks for your comment…

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