20 Apr

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voting paper photo: voting i-hate-voting.gif  We are being pressed to vote.

And voting is one thing we should all do. After all, it took our forefathers long enough to get the right for us to help choose who governs us. And by governs I means rules. Or robs us. Or deceives us with his/her lies.

So the party leaders put in appearances on our television sets, either in what they like to call “Party Political Broadcasts” or in more serious debates about what they want us to think is important. If they can be bothered, that is.

They think the upgrading of a nuclear arsenal is important. Most of them, that is. Whether the kind of stalemate that is the result of nuclear proliferation works is another debate, but in this one my opinion is that it’s a bloody expensive way of maybe, possibly, could be ensuring some kind of fallout-free future for our kids and grandkids.

They say that preserving the NHS is important. Of course it is! Who could deny that? Only the rich fat cats equipped with silver spoons at birth and wearing blue ties. Because they see where profit can be made. That’s their mantra, their addiction. Profit. Is there a detox clinic anywhere that might free them of their addiction and turn them into normal human beings? I doubt it – and if there was it’d be taxed out of existence by now.

But none of this is the gist of my argument.

The leaders of this or that political party are present on a virtually daily basis. “Vote for me!” they cry, trying to hide the arrogance shining from their eyes. Because they know one thing we all know but maybe temporarily forget. We can’t vote for them however hard me might try – not unless we live in their constituency, that is. They lead a party and if that party gets the most members sitting on parliamentary benches they become the nation’s leader. And we choose those members. Not them.

It’s a two edged sword, though.

And one edge has to do with me not trusting some of them. I mean, who could possibly trust Cameron when he tries to confuse us with his rhetoric in which the words “billions” attached to a few numbers and “percentage” apropos of some of those billions appear with boring regularity?

I could ask him a few questions that have nothing to do with billions, just percentages, like if our economy is doing as well as he boasts why is VAT still at 20% when he hiked it from 17.5% as a response to the international economic crisis?

Then there’s Milliband. Could I trust a man who virtually stabbed his own brother in the back in order to get the party leadership? And how would he look as a giant on the world stage? With or without elocution lessons?

And Clegg. Supervisor of the destruction of centre politics in this country, the man who claims to have moderated the worst excesses of his conservative greedy chums – but where’s the real evidence? He’s had five years as high as he’ll ever go, and he knows it. A wasted vote there, then.

And don’t mention Farage! I’m not old enough to remember the way Germany swung so far right under the whispered machinations (did I say whispered? I meant bellowed) of one Adolf Hitler but I can see something of the sort ticking over in the Farage mind. Did I say mind? I meant nightmares…

Who could trust any of these wannabe leaders of what is really quite a decent country? Not me, so I have to look elsewhere to place my vote, the one my forefathers fought long and hard to get for me – not that I actually get a chance to vote for any of them. The system doesn’t work that way.

So I’ve looked elsewhere. Good for me!

© Peter Rogerson 20.04.15


2 Responses to “ELECTION THOUGHTS 3”

  1. georgiakevin April 20, 2015 at 3:41 pm #

    I had forgotten that you live across the pond my fine friend. I get so tired of all the noise during election season. It used to be that here election season only lasted for 3-6 months of the year but any more it seems as if election season never ends.

  2. Peter Rogerson April 20, 2015 at 5:43 pm #

    It’s getting to be like that here, slowly. The period during which it seems right for politicians to be inventive with the truth seems to get ever longer…

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