25 Feb


astral chart photo: astral chart astro_ac.gifI’m almost totally convinced that there ought to be some sort of sanity test for aspiring politicians, and that if they fail they should be barred from holding influential office for life, or at least until they can retake the test, and pass it.

Now, I’m not going to be too controversial here. If I were to have my own way I’d suggest that belief in any supernatural spirit, like a deity, ought to be a perfectly good reason for being denied the right to seek office, but I’m not going that far. I guess that believing in gods might be a borderline test of insanity. But then, I might be called biassed because I find gods to be ludicrous and belief in them more so. I’m an atheist.

But I read today of a Member of Parliament, David Tredinnick, who believes that a sound contribution to the treatment of illness may be astrology.

I’m not sure what part of his brain thinks this, but it’s got to be a big enough part for his words to be reported.

It may be obvious to him that consideration of a patient’s birth chart, the time and date of his birth, the whereabouts of various planets and constellations at the time, are relevant to a man’s health, but I don’t get it.

It’s marginally madder than thinking gods might have a hand in it.

I mean, there are billions of us down here on Earth yet you can multiply those billions by quite a big number to get anywhere near the number of stars in the Universe. And planets. There are (possibly) a heck of a lot more of those than there are stars. Yet, with the naked eye, we can only see a tiny few of them, winkling away and winking at us. And amongst them are constellations other than our own Milky Way, and they’ve all got billions of individual stars in them because they’re other milky ways, as seen from the planet Zog.

By the way, I doubt anyone living on it has ever called a planet Zog, yet, come to think of it and bearing in mind the absolutely ginormous number or worlds and possible populations on them, one or more is likely to be called Zog or some alien, guttural version of the word.

Yet at least one politician is on record as believing that this chaos of stars and planets can personally influence every single (and I mean single rather than group of) people on Earth.

Now wait for it.

Mr Treddinick has been Chairman of the All-Party Group for Integrated Healthcare (PGIH) since 2002. Yes, you read that right. A man with beliefs that not even the fairies venture to have has a say in some aspects of medical care!

But let me not pick on this one individual. That’s not particularly fair, though his reported views are laughable, and if he actually does really hold them I’d describe him as being insane.

It’s as bad as suggesting that an American-style gun maniac ought to be in charge of defence. I hope that’s not the case, but if it is my argument is most probably proven.

The thing is, we live in a complex world. The vast mass that makes up humanity consists of a few billion egos (we all have one) and this has led to trouble since time immemorial. At the moment there are bully boys in the Middle East trying to carve out a new state in which they can brainwash anyone likely to be born there into believing in their version of religion, which being religion, by my definition is borderline insanity anyway. And I don’t want Islamic friends to think I’m picking on them. I’m not. It’s just that over recent years they’ve made themselves an easy target. In the past the Catholic Church was twice as horrible as they could ever dream of being, and other Christian offshoots are far from innocent.

With religion the world is a mad enough place. But with provable insanity in charge of the masses, with a close and convinced examination of such esoteric delights as birth charts in the hands of loonies guiding the future, what hope is there?

Remember Adolf Hitler?

He may not have actually believed in such nonsense as astrology himself, but he let himself be guided by astrologers…

©Peter Rogerson 25.02.15


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