19 Jan


girl in field photo: Angel in a Field DSCF1959.jpg

From these shadows around me,
From the haze of old age,
I get memories of wonder
On life’s fading stage….

Of the willows like sentries
And the fields with their corn,
Golden like summer,
With the scarecrow forlorn…

And me and my lassie
My heart filled with joy,
She my young sweetheart
And me her big boy

And we’d go to a secret,
A corner we knew,
With the silence around us
And the sky that pale blue,

Then we’d snuggle together,
It was just perfect bliss –
And the heart-thrilling moment
Of our first proper kiss…

But the shadows around me
In this cruel old age
Close my eyes for a moment,
Then turn over the page….

And the moments have gone
Since the magical years
To the cold and the darkness
And the promise of tears…

© Peter Rogerson 19.01.15


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