11 Jan


One of the saddest things I ever saw was a very young puppy crawling away from its mother and siblings to die. It was as if it was motivated by a desire to protect the healthy ones by not leaving its own carcase to rot and bring disease on them. I tried to save it – of course I did, I stayed up well into the night feeding it drop by drop of nourishment, but it died anyway.

There was a sort of wisdom at work there, a raw, unthinking wisdom of the wild, and I was deeply moved by it. In actual fact the family – the mother was called Tammy and one of the other puppies was to be called Max – would have been okay anyway – I’d have seen to that – but the wild, the primitive intelligence that has protected life on this planet since life began, wasn’t to know that.

Which brings me to what’s just got to be the biggest failure of our own species.

What most of us want is for the nut-case, deluded, opinionated, religious minority to go away. They’re dangerous because they want to be dangerous, and if anyone presses a nuclear button of total destruction it will be with words like “God is good” on his lips. Or hers – there are women in that clan, fanatic to their cores, insanely so.

What ought to happen is they crawl away, and die. Alone, not tainting the rest of us with their polluted and polluting bodies. They’re already rotten to the core, and their rot is spreading.

Who are they?

Well, they’re everyone who can say, in all honesty, that they believe in God or Allah or any supernatural deity, because they have never slipped their brains into gear and spent the least of moments thinking about the implications of that stupid belief. I know that most of them might proclaim that they’re totally peace-loving. I know that the reality is of a muted army of apparently ordinary folks going about their lives, not wanting to hurt anyone, but they are rank-after-rank behind the tough ones, the dangerous gun-wielding, god-fearing mad ones. They give power to insanity.

Yet in addition while they live and breathe they are doing almost irreparable damage because by word or thought or simple deed they are passing their insane and irrational belief onto future generations. The sods!

Look at it like this. We’re all rational, caring, even occasionally beautiful people, and we have all known the joys of love in our lives and as we approach what we regretfully call old age we don’t want the good things to end. So what do we do? Some of us, quite rationally, live our lives out knowing the end may well be nigh and satisfied we have done the best we could with the years we’ve enjoyed, but others, with no evidence save a few verses etched into stone during the bronze age by ancients who are assumed to have had greater wisdom than that possessed by anyone today, probably by virtue of their lack of technology and fondness for thinking deeply ridiculous thoughts, make plans for meeting each other in Heaven.

I don’t want to disillusion anyone (well, yes I do, really) but that Heaven does not exist, never has existed and never will exist. And if you’re of the murderous Islamic kind there aren’t any virgins waiting for you there either, not one let alone seventy-two. It’s all gobbledegook. It’s all wishful thinking because down many centuries folks have grown old, stared death in the face and not have liked what they’ve seen.

If the future is to be a fit place for our grandchildren to live in, and theirs, then the pie-in-the-sky nonsense must come to an end because, sadly, those who want to foist crack-pot notions on others have got access to ever more unpleasant weapons capable of mass destruction, and any intent on destruction in the name of this or that deity isn’t worth one of the grains of sand they’re intent on reducing us all to.

I’d like to see a rebirth of the wisdom of the wild and for them to hang up their swords and crawl away, and die.

© Peter Rogerson 11.01.15


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