5 Jan


WOMAN IN BATH photo: in the bathtube Copyofimg023.jpg  There was nothing less likely to turn Conrad on than the sight of Wilmarine getting into the bath, so it came as a shock to him when she climbed into the bath that the very sight of it through a partly-opened door actually managed to make his heart beat all the faster and his genitals start to twitch.

Wilmarine was his mother’s best friend and he looked on her more as a maiden aunt than a frilly woman with skimpy underwear and bedroom eyes. But as she climbed into that bath those were the very qualities that she exuded. He stared – he had to, and she noticed.

“Why, Conrad,” she purred as she lowered herself into the foaming depths of a bath close to overflowing, “do you want to join me?”

That question completed the turning on and he had to bob out of the way in order to conceal a suddenly raging erection. This was all too much! What had always been a tweed skirt and very proper blouse had turned into naked flesh, and he noted – he couldn’t help it – that her breasts were in the perfect to superior range. And had he ever given any kind of thought to what her underwear was like he would never have come up with so fragile a pair of panties with lace trimming, nor would the peepy-bo hole in both cups of her brassiere have entered his mind.

“Don’t you know?” she asked, teasingly. “Your mother’s gone to the cemetery and she won’t be back for ages if that’s what’s worrying you.”

He knew where she was! It was three years since his dad had passed away, tragically, of a heart attack and both he and his mother had decided to go and visit his grave out of respect every year on the anniversary of his death, but unfortunately he’d had a bout of flu and been off work, and mother thought it best if he missed this one time.

And she wouldn’t be back for ages, then. That much was true.

“So you can climb in with me if you want,” breathed Wilmarine. “I won’t tell! And it will be fun. You just see what fun it will be! And a good soaking might make a poorly boy feel a lot better!”

Conrad had never been in a bathroom with a girl, let alone in a bath with a woman, and a great big desire flooding through him made the adventure seem unbelievably enchanting. Wilmarine, she’d lived with them ever since just before dad’s death and mum said she was a treasure, usually wore quite staid and unattractive clothing. She was, to all intents and purposes, old fashioned and never flashed any part of her body that he might have been interested in seeing. But now she was in the bath and he could see all of her and the staidness went right away.

“Come here, young man,” she whispered. “I’ll help you out of your jeans if you like…”

He stayed where he was. There were conflicting thoughts in his head. After all, this was the very bath dad had died in three years ago, where his heart had pounded to silence and stillness. It seemed … quite improper, somehow, … for him to have his first sexual experience with a fully grown woman right here whilst mother was weeping at the cemetery.

“Don’t you want to get close to me … don’t you like the idea and sharing these bubbles with me? I’ll let you touch me … here,” she purred, indicating one of her perfect breasts.

The temptation was almost too much.

He slouched up to the bath and stared down at her.

“And when I join you?” he asked, trying to keep his voice steady. “When I sink besides you into all that foam, what then?”

“You can … if you like, only if you like … touch me like I said,” she purred.

He shook his head despite the temptation.

“Dad died n that bath,” he murmured, “he was in that bath that he had his fatal heart attack.”

“I know,” she whispered, “but that was three years ago. I found him, remember? And your lovely mummy’s just about forgotten how much she misses him … your lovely, wonderful mummy, he never knew how lucky he was to have her…”

“It was here, in this bath …” Tears were forming in his eyes, tears of sorrow. Everyone had thought the world of his dad. Even Wilmarine, after she moved in. Sort of. He took a few steps back, and she reached out for his hand, but he wasn’t going to let her touch him.

He’d never thought much of her and now he guessed why. It was a flash of inspiration, really, a sudden vision of something that had happened when he’d still been a schoolboy. Three years ago. In this room. In this bath.

It was here that she’d stolen his father from him. In this bath. Probably in the same way as she planned to steal his own life from him.

If he climbed in, and joined her….

© Peter Rogerson 05.01.15


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