30 Dec


satan photo: Satan satan36.jpg  There always has to be an ending.

Janie Cobweb knew that when she was born. She had watched as her human mother had been dragged to the Burning Field on that first day of her being, even then she had known it was an ending. But she often said that her first thought was of her own death, that she savoured the notion but was determined to pack as much as she could in the gap between birth and death as any mortal could. It might have been a challenge, but she’d been up to it.

And she’d done it all right.

Now she stood in the hinterland of existence and watched as the stars blinked out one by one. For a moment she felt sad. Even she had emotions despite everything. True, she’d been responsible for more deaths than any other sentient being over more years than any other sentient being could possibly have lived. True, she had brought down the black veil of misery on many another heart, watched as children and old women wrung their hands at the agonies she had piled onto them and died at her behest, had smiled inside when tears or blood or both had flowed, had been as rotten as she could be, just for the sake of it.

And she had loved. Of course she had loved!

“You haven’t!”

The darkening void was shaken by the sudden burst of syllables.

She knew that voice! Of course she did! In between times, when she’d been bored, when there was nothing cruel or spiteful to do, when she’d been on the knife-edge of solitude herself, she had sought this particular speaker.

Some called him the devil. Others the Necromancer. Even others referred to him as Satan, and it was by that name she knew him when he’d turned to her for his own kind of release, and shagged her.

Not like any mortal man, but like the fiend he was.

He’d taken her in his arms, had bound her to a gigantic wheel in the depths of his hell, had imbued her flesh with unendurable pain and watched her endure it, smiling cruelly to himself through a mask of hideous evil. And she’d loved it! As the pain had reached its peak, as her body had twitched with the monumental depths of distress, flesh tearing, bones cracking, eyes bursting, the orgasm it produced had caused every atom of her flesh to really shudder and had made it all worth while.

Many was the month she’d spent repairing herself afterwards, had lain in the blackest of black moods as slowly her tissue had healed and she was whole again, only to seek the devil out once more sooner or later. And she knew why. For every dark deed there must be a balance in the Universe. For every light there must be darkness. For every laugh there must be a tortured sob.

That much was important.

And now Satan was addressing her for one last time.

“You haven’t. You haven’t loved. Not ever…”

She knew she had. But the love had been for pain as a salve to eradicate the sickly sweetness of pleasure. His pain. The things he’d done to her. The way he’d been. She’d loved, all right.

“You don’t know me, Satan,” she snarled, but the skies, once alive with constellations and stars and vast whirling vortexes of galaxies, was dark. It was like the last night of them all: it was the last long night of them all.

“I have loved,” she whispered. “I have loved me!”

“That doesn’t count,” he snarled. “Love must be for another!”

“You don’t know me, Satan,” she repeated.

But he did, and she knew it, and at that moment, that very evil moment, his eyes shone redder than any furnace had ever glowed as he turned his head away from her and commanded “Let there be Darkness” in a voice from the distant past.

It was a waste of time, really, because the Universe was already consumed by nothing, and the edge of darkness rippled everywhere, in every corner of an ancient creation. Then, with the command and like a living parasite the hollow voice consumed both devil and Janie Cobweb in a last fleeting shadowy moment, and the last star popped out.

And somewhere a power stirred. You see, there was still a somewhere and still a power. And the power cleared its throat.

© Peter Rogerson 30.12.14


4 Responses to “JANIE’S END”

  1. pambrittain January 4, 2015 at 8:10 pm #


  2. georgiakevin April 5, 2015 at 10:32 pm #

    Oh man your post is so powerful. It reads very well and really draws you in to it and then it goes so deep, wow!

    • Peter Rogerson April 6, 2015 at 8:48 am #

      You are too kind, Georgiakevin. Janie Cobweb has long been a favourite character of mine, created about a decade again. At the time I was gazing at a cobweb hanging from the ceiling whilst listening to the radio and it’s co-host, called Janie, and struggling to come up with a name…

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