15 Dec

Several years ago I devised a character called Janie Cobweb. I occasionally return to her, and here she is again.


GODDESS photo: goddess girl goddess6.jpg
The Universe was growing dark.

It had to happen one day. Nothing in nature can last forever without morphing from one state to another, and that’s as true for the entirety of the Universe as it was, once, for a sperm that in a show of masculine heroism attacked a woman’s egg, the bruised egg that was to eventually become Janie Cobweb.

But we all know that, don’t we? And a few guessed it back then when the child Janie stood at the edge of the Burning Field and watched a conflagration ordered by the Witchfinder General that very morning, but sadly only very few. Yet shockingly the deepest knowledge and understanding resided in the brain of the child. She knew, at five summers, that the totality of everything she saw was going to end in the fullness of time, and for the duration she knew she was going to govern it.

She had to, for she was Janie Cobweb, and so she did.

So for countless ages she had ruled supreme, nudging this or that chaos into being, murdering whole populations at will if she had a down-day and even tackling the Necromancer on more than one occasion, when she felt like a challenge. Even today she is there, her fingers tracing doom in fiery letters through alien skies.

And Janie was beautiful to the extreme. Men found her captivating and fell in love with her whilst women turned from their men at the sight of her. And it was in her, the fondness of flaunting herself in her naked glory before destroying a man’s soul with a single gasp of her breath. She was ageless and intellectually as sharp as she was emotionally repulsive. As she grew up the child became a she-devil with a handle on immortality. And as the years passed she accumulated everything that she wanted to herself. And that was not just riches. Oh no, she had a castle on a lonely planet in a corner of another galaxy with dungeons so deep and sprawling you could get lost in them for ever. People did. Captives who took her fancy either for their foulness or their flesh. And flesh she could devour, slicing either with her Hollywood teeth or her sharp mean mind. A woman with many appetites, cannibalism was far from being the worst!

She loved the taste of blood and the smell of fear. The diarrhoea stench of men and women in torment. She was the totality of evil, beautiful and septic both at the same time, and she loved it.

And the Universe was going dark.

The end of everything was coming. Well, not so much the end but the beginning. The start. One existence was gradually morphing into another. A light that flickered out here became an element in a fresh big bang there.

Janie Cobweb watched from her corner of chaos and smiled. She watched as light after light blinked into total blackness, she felt the edge of a collapsing Universe and giggled. This was going to be fun. This was going to be a brand new beginning, and what she created was going to be hers. Nobody else’s. Just hers.

She slipped out of her clothing. She had to be naked now, because her raiment belonged to a dead existence, and she was life. Even her underwear was cast away and wibbled in a breeze of chaos, and slowly shredded on its way to nowhere. She was ready.

Finally, everything was gone. Every star, every moon, every planet, every meteor, every comet, every pixel of light. All that remained was Janie Cobweb, her auburn hair spread like a gossamer blanket in the darkness round her head, invisible because there was nobody anywhere to see it.

She cleared her throat.

This was going to be magnificent! She’d read about such magnificence and thought it somehow fairy-tale, but this was right. It was she, like a mighty intellect forged into the shape of female perfection, and she was going to do the impossible.

She cleared her throat again.

Somewhere a creaking signalled the moment when the transformation was complete. The Universe was no longer merely dark: it had gone!

Janie’s moment had come. She had time.

“Let there be light!” she commanded, her voice crisp and clear and spreading like a wave across the nothing that was left of everything.

And after a tiny moment there was light.

© Peter Rogerson 15.12.14


3 Responses to “OMNISCIENT JANIE”

  1. pambrittain December 20, 2014 at 8:29 pm #

    Peter, you are so bad, I love it.

    • Peter Rogerson December 20, 2014 at 10:18 pm #

      It’s the time of year … I love it, but get cynical.

  2. georgiakevin April 5, 2015 at 3:34 am #

    Man am I ever glad that I saved your posts! Your work is very much worth reading…………….over and over again!

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