5 Dec


cyclops photo: Cyclops Snapshot_20090708_6.jpg  Crisp it was, that dawning, crisp and white and like a virgin carpet on the woodland path. Oggles walked down it, had in hand, two Oggles but with one thought between them.

“I love you, Oggle-One,” sighed Oggle-Two, and

“I love you too,” murmured Oggle-One, and she reached one Oggle-hand into his furry clothing and squeezed a bump so gently that he shivered.

The dawning grew brighter and ice-spears, formed during the night and sharp like stalactites, shone yellow and gold like the warming sun, but still clung on to the branches above the Oggles’ heads.

“It should always be like this,” sighed Oggle-One, “crisp as the sun rises, crunchy under foot and white like a carpet of daisies!”

“Would you not prefer the daisies in spring-time?” suggested Oggle-Two, “when it’s warmer by far and we can lie in the fresh new grass by the crystal stream and cuddle each other half a day, and longer?”

“Ah, memories,” sighed Oggle-One.

“Or the summer?” persisted Oggle-Two, making her squeal with delight as he stroked her furry belly.

“But life’s so short,” she sighed. “We are born … and then we grow old, and pass into the great beyond where the gods rule supreme and Oggles all sleep… there are no more summers for us, not ever…”

“The perfect sleep,” he whispered. “No interruption, no wild parties from the human scum next door, no persecution … just sleep and dreams…”

“And no cuddles.”

He shook his head, and a tear formed in the corner of his single eye and slowly, like treacle, rolled down his cheek.

“No cuddles,” he breathed. “No bump-holding, no joy, no touching … just unbroken sleep down all the ages until eternity pulls up its bridges and everything ends…”

“But we’ll be close together in the skies,” sighed Oggle Two. “It is written … you and I … our dreams will merge as one and we’ll dream our eternities together, walking virtual paths and living so close our breathing will become as one, like the old texts say.”

“I hope they’re right,” he whispered, “the old texts. The beliefs. The faith.”

“There must be no doubt,” insisted Oggle-Two. “You know that!”

“Let’s lie down here, and sleep,” almost shouted Oggle One. “You and I under the trees, with the melting frost like angels’ tears on the ground around us … and seek our endless dream now. Right now!”

“Before your eggs are laid?” he asked, “before the nippers are hatched? The two of us?”

“Like our parents did,” insisted Oggle One, “and theirs before them down the life-stream … Oggles waiting for Eternity…”

“Make love to me,” whispered Oggle Two, “Make love to me now…”

But Oggle-One had passed into a dreamy sleep already, and her skin grew to be as cold as the melting frost, and her mind was already fading into the dreams of Eternity, and all too soon for Oggle-Two, who found himself unaccountably aroused.

Like his father before him, and grandfather, down the centuries of Oggle-time.

And a glistening ice-spear fell towards him, stalactite-sharp..

© Peter Rogerson 05.12.14


2 Responses to “A DIFFERENT FAITH”

  1. pambrittain December 6, 2014 at 8:28 pm #

    Good and good grief.

  2. georgiakevin April 5, 2015 at 2:38 am #

    Wow! Your work was good at Gather but man it has gotten even better now if that’s possible! As I started reading your post i thought…………..”well this is a nice little story” but by the time i got to the end I thought………………..”Wow is this ever powerful!”

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