21 Nov

I’m pretty sure there are some great vicars and priests around.

Quite a lot of them do some fantastic humanitarian things. They even take themselves into war zones and deal with the unimaginable tragedies that blight the lives of complete strangers. They are truly great men and women and I love them all, to each beating heart.

I’m equally sure there are some who are far from great.

Much has been written and spoken of priests who turn to the very young in order to satisfy basic urges. Others are in the job for an easy life and a direct route to satisfying an unbelievably selfish ego by pretending they’re in touch with a deity that couldn’t possible exist.

But then, you get good and bad everywhere.

But this little piece is about members of the cloth. Clergymen and women. The good ones.

Some of them don’t actually believe in the reality of some of the things they’re supposed to preach. I mean, how could they? Much of the material they’re supposed to disseminate is taken from the ignorant words of men who struggled to understand even the most basic realities of their world back in the bronze age. In fact, that’s where most of their texts come from.

Even more recent stuff, the nativity, the life of Jesus, is based on what is little more than simple-minded gobbledegook even if some of it is what I’d call an excellent model for a life well lived.

Before the invention of the microscope even the most thoughtful men could have no idea what a sperm was, so the concept of a virgin birth was probably more easily believable to them, and anyway legends abounded with pre-Jesus virgin births. There was hardly a mythology without one, so it is hardly surprising that what amounts to a relatively modern religion had one.

The annoying thing is the good clerics still speak as if it was real. They preach it, when they’re not up to their elbows in good deeds. I don’t mind laughing at the con-merchants of religion, those clergymen who I choose to dismiss as unworthy, but I don’t want to offend the good guys, yet I must.

And I’m prepared to bet that those good guys don’t really believe what they’ve got to preach.

Wouldn’t it be almost as magical as a virgin birth if the church decided that it was a humanitarian concern and dropped the deity-headed religious nonsense? And by church I mean all churches, mosques, established faiths.

Wouldn’t it do justice to what amounts to a small army of genuine people-loving and caring vicars and priests if they could own up to doubts over matters that common sense, science, even moderately careful thought, conclude are improbable or impossible?

It won’t happen, of course, and that’s sad.

Because the whole future of life on this planet is quite possibly dependent on getting rid of gods, and unless my good guys see sense, that will mean getting rid of them as well.


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