15 Sep

What is it about the belief in a patently non-existent deity (aka god) that seems to convince some people that violence and murder are both perfectly all right and acceptable. They are part of a cause. They are essential ingredients of spreading the Word (whatever that word might be).
I’ve never particularly enjoyed taunting people of faith because they believe in something I cannot accept largely because it’s personal, but the ISIS nonsense going on in Iraq and Syria … they bring me to conclude that the root cause of murder and mayhem must be obliterated (peacefully, using legal means). And the root cause is god-based religions or faiths or call them what you will. The only “evidence” for their deities lies in books initiated in the Bronze Age (or earlier) and it’s about time they were seen for what they are.
Until there is clear evidence to the contrary (and I can’t see that coming any time soon) that those gods are puffs of fantasy from diseased minds long ago there should be a dissolution of all god-based religions and a worldwide acceptance that the dark ages are, finally, coming to an end.
While the belief in gods persists there will be violence. Men will be beheaded because it looks good, and it’s for a “cause”. Take away that cause and it will be seen for what it is: thuggery by creatures with the most feeble grasp on sanity and with no excuse for what they do save for the wretchedness of their own selves. And should you be tempted to think this is an attack on Islam then think again: the various sects of Christianity have done much worse than merely beheading those it perceived as enemies. Emissaries from Satan were burnt at the stake not too many centuries ago and with the full cooperation of church authorities. They were little old ladies with warts, and perceived as a threat to an unbelievably cruel god.



  1. pambrittain September 15, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more.

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