Off to holiday on the Continent

8 Jun


Hotel Paganella photo DSC01947.jpg

The Hotel Paganella in the Dolomite region of Italy. One of the best-kept secrets in the world!!!

Now then, this isn’t an apology, but my wife and I accuse ourselves of having rather a lot of holidays away from home and we’re off on a jaunt for the next 11 days. This is one we’ve done several times in recent years, and we repeat it because we enjoy it. Both of us. It’s fun.

We rarely go anywhere these days when we’re at home. We both make full use of the Internet, Dorothy likes reading (more than me, actually) and her Kindle is rarely out of sight. Mine often is. In the evenings we spend hours watching television dramas – repeats of good old shows like New Tricks, Dalziel and Pascoe, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead (there’s a theme there: blood, gore and investigation.) The shows are repeated on commercial channels, so we record them in order to obliterate the commercials.

So we can afford our breaks, and this time it’s to Austria and Italy, four nights in each and two en-route nights in Strasbourg, which is in France but close to the German border. So you can see that we get to see quite a lot of Europe, and a huge number of mountains.

We visit two of the best hotels you’ll find anywhere – nothing fancy and five-star about them, but they’re both exceedingly well run and welcoming and consequently better than five-star. It you find yourselves near either the Sonne Hotel in Landeck, Austria or the Paganella Hotel in Fai Della Paganella in the Dolomite region of Italy, then do yourselves a favour and spend some time there. If you don’t, then you are permitted to envy us!

We go by coach, a vehicle described by our regular driver as “a bus with a bog”, and that is so much better than flying I can’t believe everyone doesn’t do it. You can see stuff, trees and hills and villages and rivers, towns and cities, all the things that go to make this planet of ours so wonderful. And unless you actually see them you don’t know just how many trees there are in Europe, great swathes of them across the continent, or just how huge a mountain can be as we weave between them on broad, sweeping roads.

All this is a way of saying we won’t be around for the best part of a fortnight. At least one of the hotels has wifi, but when we’re there it’s hard to be bothered somehow. I’m taking my little tablet, but may actually not slide it out of its case. And I will be taking my camera.

Say cheese, mountains!

Peter Rogerson 08.06.14


One Response to “Off to holiday on the Continent”

  1. pambrittain June 8, 2014 at 8:59 pm #

    Cheese. I guess I’ll be on of those girls that envy you. Pictures please?

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