27 May


FAIRYLAND photo: Fairyland fairys-38.jpg

It was the kind of night when Laura and Dom liked to wake briefly together and whisper in the darkest of hours. They did that sometimes, woke up when the world was asleep and spent a few moments discussing next to nothing before drifting back to sleep again. It wasn’t a sex thing: it just happened now and again.

“Did you know,” whispered Laura teasingly, “did you know that I dreamed that every time I tell you how much I love you, and say it most sincerely, it makes my eyes sort of water and a fairy is born…”

“You sentimental old thing,” grinned Dom.

“But I have to really mean it. It’s no good if I just toss the words out like so much chaff,” added Laura.

“And you believe in fairyland?” teased Dom, yawning.

“I said it was a dream, silly,” murmured Laura. “Now let me go back to sleep.”

“I’m not stopping you,” yawned Dom, and he kissed her. Within moments her regular breathing told him that she was asleep.

He closed his own eyes, and the world went a kind of featureless charcoal grey. And as he lay there Laura took his hand in hers and led him out of their bed and down a black road. He knew it was her without looking because she was the only woman he’d ever slept with.

They’d been childhood friends, then college friends, then lovers, then man and wife. Life had been simple because, hell, he knew he loved her. If anything unpleasant were to happen to her then he knew without thinking that it would be happening to him as well. They were that close.

And here he was on a black road, and her precious fingers were holding his hand, guiding him.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Sshh” she whispered back. “Come on!”

And the black road did the impossible and grew blacker. Eventually, ahead, not so far away, a glimmer of light formed in the Stygian night.

“Fairyland,” she whispered.

“What…?” he asked.

“Where all my fairies live,” she breathed. “Those I make when I say, with all my heart, that I love you. Come on! I’ll show you!”

And in that moment they were in her fairyland.

It seemed to be in a clearing in an ancient forest that stretched in all directions into the infinite black of a featureless night. Yet this was no black, like jet or coal. This was a pastel assortment of light, with little folks and their wings darting about.

“This can’t be real,” he mumbled.

“Oh, but it is!” she giggled. “Dom, I do love you!”

And in that instant, exactly as the words left her mouth, a fairy sprung into being, blinking at the shock of sudden life before flitting off towards a group of other little folk.

“See,” sighed Laura. “Come on. I want to show you someone.”

She led him, holding his hand still, to a half-timbered cottage with a thatched roof and tiny windows. Outside its rustic door an ancient figure, wings tucked behind it and a polished head shining in the pastel light, sat in a rocking chair, smiling at everything.

“This is the oldest fairy in my fairyland,” whispered L aura. “He arrived before I met you, Dom, when I was a child at home and I said to my mummy before she died, and only just before she died, that I loved her. And I meant it so achingly because even though I was only little something inside me knew that she was dying…And my fairy came alive in fairyland and built his own little house, and waited.”

“He waited? What for?” asked Dom.

“For someone to talk to,” sighed Laura. “Come on, I want to show you some more…”

She led him to a dark corner of her fairyland where the pastel light shone dimly and the air seemed oppressive. And in that dark corner was a parade of winged folk, military and sprightly and all bearing weapons.

“Remember when you had that affair with Linda Causeman?” asked Laura.

“The affair you thought I was having?” he frowned. “I never was, you know. I didn’t even like her, and anyway she had tiny tits and her breath smelt!”

“Well, when you were perving over her I tried so hard to bring you back to me, but when I said I loved you there was doubt and anger in my thoughts…”

“But I never perved over her! Not once!” protested Dom.

“It was then that this little army came into being,” sighed Laura. “They’re going to war, you know. That’s what they’re training for. They’re going to war against the good guys. There’s bound to be bloodshed. I can feel it in the wind…”

“That’s terrible,” whispered Dom. “All because you thought I was doing something when I wasn’t?”

She nodded. “Are you sure you never hankered after her?” she asked.

“Never! Not a little bit! Linda Causeman never meant anything to me, nor ever will!” he replied, hotly. “I don’t know where you got the idea from!”

“She told me,” sighed Laura. “I was so hurt and upset.”

“Then you’re a silly girl,” said Dom, a little heatedly. “I’ve only ever loved you. You must know that!”

The air grew still and the army of little folk, bristling with weapons of every conceivable kind, started marching towards the other end of the pastel clearing. The officer who lead them called out a rhythm, one two three four, one two three four…

“It’s war, whispered Laura.

“No it isn’t” snapped Dom. “I know all wars are based on lies, but it’s wrong! I’ll kill her, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll go back home and kill Linda Causeman, and then you’ll know!”

“All wars are based on lies…” whispered Laura. “Of course they are! Oh Dom, I do love you so very much.”

And as she spoke those words the magical army wibbled and wobbled, the weapons melted to detritus and the winged soldiers became no more substantial than dust before blowing away on a sudden breeze.

And when he turned round he saw Laura’s head next to his on their pillows, a smile on her face and a drying trail of blood where he’d kissed her.

© Peter Rogerson 27.05.14


2 Responses to “FAIRYLAND DREAMS”

  1. pambrittain May 27, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

    That ending’s spooky.

    • Peter Rogerson May 28, 2014 at 8:16 am #

      It’s actually based on a dream I thought I had the night before, Pam.

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